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Field Day 6-23-17-Phtoto by Richard Small

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Tuesdays 7:00 P.M. KB1NEB Repeater(146.910 -151.4khz)

Wednesdays 6:30 P.M.-KB1NEB Repeater(146.910 -151.4khz),CW Training

Wednesdays 7pm local, on the W1TU repeater. (147.030 +100khz)

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4 Days folks, just 4 short 24 hour time cycles away from amateur radio Field Day 2017! Set up will start Friday June 23rd after 12 noon. Operations start at the SERC facility on Schoodic Point in Winter Harbor at 1400 hours Saturday June 24th and end at 1400 hours Sunday the 25th. Of course help will be needed after it ends! There will be a pot-luck supper Saturday night so bring some good stuff to share and plan on having a great time! For those that are GPS savvy the numbers are as follows: 59 Jacobson Dr, Winter Harbor, ME 04693, USA…….Latitude: 44.338/Longitude: -68.060131 .VE test session SUnday at 9 there.
Contact Chris Weaver

June 14,2017 News from EMCOMM
June 24th and 25, 2017-ARRL Field Day
June 25 2017-VE Test Session-Contact Chris-AB1PZ
July 1 9 A.M. Breakfast at Dennys! Email Phil to Reserve Space-n1ep@yahoo.com
July 13th 2017-Next EAWA "eyeball" meeting  @ 7pm.-Tweedie Lane(Click for Directions)

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